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I write one check per month to my roommate for rent and bills, and I only do that because the bills aren't fixed and my name's not on any of them (including the lease) so I can't pay online or anything. If it can be paid be card at all, I'm paying by card.

Carnival Cruises are still asking passengers to come to Miami during Hurricane Irma rather than refund their fares. (self.Cruise) submitted 1 year ago * by Capwulf. I'm booked on a 4 day cruise out of Miami to Cozumel, scheduled for Monday. Rather than cancel the cruise because of the obvious dangerous conditions, Carnival has informed REMINDER: This is why Bitcoin is the next big thing : Bitcoin REMINDER: This is why Bitcoin is the next big thing : Bitcoin Banks are banning buying crypto on credit cards to save

It's known as the Chargeback Period, and the maximum limit is typically 180 days from the date of the transaction. At that point, even if the card issuing bank wanted to work with the customer on the dispute, they can no longer create a chargeback to present to the merchant bank according to the regulations they've agreed to for the card type.

Does anyone have an American Express gold or ... Misc Amex Gold and Platinum worth it for UK ... by far and away the easiest to force to do a chargeback ... Got a full refund from AMEX : Sinemia - Why did you mail a mortgage payment vs paying online ... (IE. I didn't use the service for several months before requesting a chargeback ... AmEx has repeatedly told ... SINEMIA REFUND -

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Once I even tried to book the tiny trailer they have in the backyard for a birthday party and I reserved online and it says someone will contact me within whatever amount of time and no one did so I had to go down there physically and talk to management and they said their online booking thing was being weird and they've been getting a lot of

We work for a Major Retailer, here's the problem we ... - reddit So Reddit, we're asking, how can we process returns of merchandise in a way that meets customer needs without creating additional risk for our organization. Without this solution, we'd have to hold off on accepting until the market price stabilizes for some time, which could be a long time, or never (as it's deflationary by nature). My card used for online gambling by someone - will they be ... Credit My card used for online gambling by someone - will they be caught ... Credit card fraud is so transnational and often online that law enforcement has little appetite to investigate crimes either outside of their jurisdiction or of a relatively low amount. ... Banks/card issuers might also issue a chargeback to the merchant instead of ... Disputed charges on a credit card being charged back? Can ... The credit card company took the charges off, then Target claimed the charges were legitimate and the credit card company re-charged my account. I disputed again, Target disputed again. This went back and forth at least 6 times over the course of a year and a half before I finally claimed victory (at least I think I did, still checking to see ... /r/Gambling • r/gambling - reddit