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MAX’s health has to be repaired by an Engineer, or an the Nanite Auto Repair suit slot. Interestingly, Medic’s Triage also works on MAXes. Built-in Resistances and Vulnerabilities. MAXes have a plethora of built-in resistances and vulnerabilities to certain damage types. Infiltrator - PlanetSide 2 Wiki The Infiltrator is a class that focuses on stealth and sniping carrying sniper rifles and sub machine guns alike. They have the lowest survivability out of the 6 classes but can hit hard from a distance. PlanetSide 2 - News - Stalker Alert: Infiltrator Update The PlanetSide 2 Development Team has implemented some new toys that make being an Infiltrator and stalking your prey more exciting! - Now, you can equip and place a Motion Spotter that will spot nearby moving enemy players on the mini-map.

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Slots - PlanetSide 2 Wiki Guide - IGN PlanetSide 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies ... A character may only have one Certification of each slot type equipped at any one time. ... Max Certifications; PlanetSide 2 MAX | Iridar's Gaming Blog This suit slot automatically repairs the MAX in 8 seconds after taking damage. It allows the MAX to be very self-sufficient, but this comes at a cost of not equipping other suit slots, which makes the MAX more vulnerable to bursts of damage. It’s also expensive to upgrade. Repair rate: 0.5% / 0.75% / 1% / 1.25% / 1.5% Cost: 150 / 200 / 400 ...

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/v/ - Planetside 2 Thread: E3 NEVER EVER edition. 8chan /v/ - Video Games - Planetside 2 Thread: E3 NEVER EVER edition. [ home / board list / faq / random / create / bans / NC's max suit is literally a mining suit with armor plates and shotguns strapped onto it. They were the first to even make max suits to begin with. ... but overwhelming the enemy with pure numbers is a very valid and ... Read Mixed User Reviews for PlanetSide 2 on PC - Metacritic Nov 20, 2012 · If you are in it for yourself, this is not the game for you. Group play, on the other hand, is rewarded highly for coordinated squads and platoons, as is the case for any multiplayer title that emphasize teamwork (such as the ArmA series). At its best, PlanetSide 2 … PlanetSide 2 в Steam - Новое средство передвижения, тренировочная зона для испытания всех видов оружия, техники и улучшений, управление подразделением и многое другое!

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Armors (XCOM 2) | XCOM Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia All soldiers begin with a set of basic Kevlar Armor, which confers no benefits beyond allowing a single Utility Item to be equipped. Further upgrades require Plated or Powered Armor Technologies. Each must then be manufactured individually by completing the required Proving Ground project, with... Planetside 2: This is Our Swamp [HOSSIN IS OUT] - The PlanetSide 2 is a re-imagining of PlanetSide, featuring the same world and factions, and taking place at roughly the same time period. As in the previous game, it features territory control in an open-world, large battles featuring up to 2000 players per continent on foot or in land/air vehicles. QuackedUp - PLAYER - PlanetSide 2 - CONSISTENCY Consistency is a measure of how close your accuracies are to each other.: ACC DELTA Deltas (sometimes called z-scores) are the number of standard deviations this player is away from average.: ACC GRADE Grades are awarded by the players related delta or z-score for the stat given.: HSR DELTA Deltas (sometimes called z-scores) are the number of standard deviations this player is … All Categories - Planetside 2 Tactics